What is the difference in the effect of CNC machining parts ?

With the development of society, the machinery industry is getting better and better, and there are more and more processing methods. Do you know what is non-standard parts processing ? Let us talk about the effect of non-standard parts with cnc machining processing.
  1. Combined processing. Use physical and chemical methods to combine different materials. Traditional machining methods, such as : CNC turning, CNC milling,  Grinding, surface Grinding, and Polishing, as well as electric discharge CNC machining and electrolytic machining in special CNC machining, belong to this CNC machining method.
  2. Deformation processing. It is also called flow processing, which uses force, heat, molecular motion and other means to deform the workpiece and change its size, shape and performance.
  3. Remove processing. Also called separation processing, which removes a part of the material from the workpiece. Traditional mechanical processing methods, such as: CNC turning, CNC milling, grinding, grinding, and polishing, as well as EDM and electrolytic processing in special processing, are all such. processing methods.
The above are the different effects of non-standard parts processing. It is important to choose the correct processing method. If you want to find non-standard parts with CNC machining processing, please visit our official website for more information.  http://www.ptjmachining.com Previous: some Advantages of CNC precision CNC machined parts !Next: How to choose CNC precision CNC machining parts processing equipments ?

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