What is the role of mold erp management software?

The mold management system provides a project progress tracking platform. According to the node template, the key nodes are set up. Through the submission of the progress in the mold factory workshop, the leader, each production workshop and related departments can track the mold progress in time.

The complete mold system that realizes the mold ERP management mode enables the mold shop to apply for purchase, and purchase directly from the purchase. The original handwriting error is eliminated. Now you only need to select whether the parts and materials need to be purchased, and the BOM information can be converted into purchase information. Avoid errors in the middle process.

  • Realize the overall planning and allocation of mold workshop equipment, and quickly issue production workshop tasks. The mold system integrates the production task scheduling auxiliary system. After the company’s equipment resources are organized, the system automatically allocates existing project tasks and resources and prompts in advance. Insufficient equipment resources, unified command and overall allocation.
  • Realize mold use history management. The original mold use data is scattered, and the comprehensiveness of the data is also different due to the management of different production workshops. Through resume management, the data of mold repair, spare parts acquisition, production times and other data of the entire mold use process are unified and concentrated, which is more conducive to mold management and analysis of the actual situation of the mold.
  • Realize the real mold cost automatic calculation of the original mold cost calculation, it takes a lot of time to perform statistical calculations on manual data, and serious duplication of labor. Now only need to do daily work and accurately record the data in the system. When the mold is handed over, the system will automatically calculate the mold cost.
  • Realize the electronic kanban management system workshop electronic kanban, realize the real-time display of the mold information and equipment information in the workshop, the staff of each department of the workshop can know the current status of the mold and the equipment in the workshop at any time, and make timely response to delayed molds and overloaded equipment Adjust to ensure that each mold is completed on time.
  • Report statistics, realize the data analysis of work tasks, mold system integration custom reports, and users can develop relevant reports according to their individual needs.

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