What is the Special Role of Aluminum Foil ?

1. What is aluminum foil

Maybe some people are not familiar with aluminum foil paper. Before introducing the other uses of aluminum foil paper, I will introduce the aluminum foil paper to you first. As its name suggests, aluminum foil is made from aluminum. Its material is very light, and has strong ductility, and the price is very affordable. Aluminum foil has two different sides, one side is shiny and the other side is matte. The matte side can absorb heat, and the bright side can reflect heat. If it is used to quickly ripen the ingredients, the matte surface must face the heat source. So when you wrap the ingredients with aluminum foil paper, you should pay attention to that the bright side of the aluminum foil must be inward and the matte side must be outward, so that the ingredients can be cooked through more quickly. In addition to the role of aluminum foil wrapping food, what is its other role?

2. Help cream keep fresh

After unpacking the cream, its shelf life will be shortened. How to extend the shelf life of cream? In fact, we can easily do this with aluminum foil.

The method of using aluminum foil is the same as that of cling film. It also wraps the unused cream and puts it in the refrigerator for preservation. Because it is placed in the refrigerator, not in the oven, it does not matter which side of the aluminum foil is facing in. Why does the use of aluminum foil make the shelf life of cream longer than using cling film? That’s because aluminum foil is more air-tight than cling film and can block air, water, and light. This can extend the shelf life of the cream for some time. However, I need to remind everyone that aluminum foil is not a panacea. It is better to use it quickly after unpacking the cream.

3. Remove stains

In fact, this effect is not so much as removing stains, but rather scraping stains. When it comes to removing stains, do you think of the first time you put aluminum foil on it and rub it, that thing will be clean? But aluminum foil is not easily soluble. How can this effect be possible?

Its practical aluminum foil paper is also very simple to remove stains. First, make aluminum foil paper into balls, and then use it to wipe various metal cookware. For example, an oven or a barbecue grill will leave some stains after using it. After wiping with aluminum foil, you can wipe these stains off. In fact, the effect is to wipe off the stains with aluminum foil paper. However, I think this kind of effect will damage the pot, so you should not use it easily.

4. Sharpening scissors

Although the scissors in our home are very sharp when they are first used, after a period of use, they will gradually become dull and it is difficult to cut things, but the use of aluminum foil can make the scissors as sharp as before .

How does it work? Quite simply, cut the foil with scissors twice and it will become very sharp again. Is aluminum foil very magical? So what is the principle of this method? I heard that Lu Baichun’s effect is similar to whetstone. When scissors cut aluminum foil, friction will occur. This is equivalent to grinding the scissors once, and the scissors will become very sharp.

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