What Is The Three-Axis Machining Center?

Three axis machining center usually refers to our common vertical machining center, the general vertical machining center is divided into three axis vertical machining center, four axis vertical machining center, five axis vertical machining center.Three axis machining center is our most widely used machining center series, today with us to understand the next three axis machining center.Vertical machining center (three axis) the most effective machining surface is only the top of the workpiece, horizontal machining center with the help of rotary table, also can only complete the workpiece all around the processing.At present, the high-grade machining center is developing towards the direction of five-axis control, and the processing of pentahedron can be completed by clamping the workpiece once.Such as the configuration of five axis linkage high-end CNC system, but also can be complex space surface for high precision machining.Programming becomes more difficult.Three axis machining center in the processing, the direction of the cutter axis is not changed, motion is limited, programming is relatively simple, now generally use special programming software for auxiliary programming, I take UG as an example here.Relative to the three axis, the five axis machining programming is very important two points: driving method and cutter shaft, these two Settings are very important.In addition, to complete the cutting of the surface to be processed, to avoid overcutting or incomplete cutting, “specified parts” and “specified inspection” are also important.

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