What should be noticed when titanium plate parts are heat treated?

1. Before heat treatment, grease, paint, handprints and other foreign matters on the surface of titanium plate parts (cloth silk, fine iron scrap, etc.) should be cleaned, otherwise it is easy to cause pollution when heating and affect the performance of parts. In particular, the harm of handprints should be pointed out. High temperature test shows that when the sample is stressed and in contact with pure NaCl, cracking of the sample will occur, which is the result of thermo-salt stress corrosion. In 1955, it was found that surface cracks existed in Ti — 6Al — 4V alloy samples after creep test at 371℃. These cracks are usually related to handprints. Since handprints are hazardous to the workpiece, direct contact between the fingers and the workpiece should be avoided during operation, and clean white gloves should be taken when taking parts at room temperature. In addition, titanium alloy shall not be processed in the same furnace with aluminum and copper, let alone in the same tray.

2. During heat treatment, parts are heated to a higher temperature and kept at a high temperature for a certain time. Due to the hot state of the material is soft, easy to deformation, so the parts in the tray or bracket position is very important, if the tray itself uneven will cause part deformation. If heat treatment fixture is used to improve the deformation of parts, the expansion of parts and fixture after heating should be taken into account.

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