What should we pay attention to when the CNC machines Assembly ?

During assembly machines, The most obvious is our industry, mechanical parts processing, What should we need pay attention to when installing ?1. Pay great attention to avoid installation deviations caused by installation.
  1) The upper pressing gland should be carried out after the coupling is aligned. The bolt should be evenly supported to prevent the end face of the gland from being skewed. Check the points with a feeler gauge, the error is not more than 0.05 mm;  2) Check the fit clearance (ie, concentricity) between the gland and the outer diameter of the shaft or bushing. The circumference should be uniform. Check the tolerance of each point with a feeler gauge to be no more than 0.01 mm.
2. The amount of spring compression should be carried out according to the regulations. It is not allowed to be too large or too small, and the required error is 2.00 mm. Over the assembly, the end face is pressed and the other end face is worn. Too small will cause insufficient specific pressure and will not seal. 3. After the moving ring is installed, it can be flexibly moved on the shaft. After the moving ring is pressed against the spring, it should be able to rebound Automatically.
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