Which top journal is strongest? Journal Citation Reports takes you to see the top journal analysis

Journal Citation Reports is a product of Thomson Reuters and can be accessed through the link at the top of the web of science database. Journal Citation Reports provides a systematic and objective evaluation system and analysis platform for various types of journals around the world. Here, you can learn a lot of useful journal information.

In this article, the editor summarized the contributions of various countries and institutions to some of the top journals in the material field based on the data on Journal Citation Reports. These results summarize the total number of articles published by regions and institutions in the three years from 2015 to 2017 based on the address list of the authors on the article.

1. The United States still plays a leading role in the publication of top journals, and is far ahead of other countries in terms of number; from the institutional contribution, we can also see that for most top magazines, the United States accounts for a large proportion of the top ten institutions; Generally speaking, the number of top publications in Europe and the United States is very considerable, and Asia is mainly concentrated in the four countries of China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

2. The total number of China’s appearances in top journals is also considerable. Especially for AM, China’s total amount is the first, and in the following institutional statistics, half of the top ten are Chinese scientific research institutions. For the specific reasons, you can put forward your own opinions in the message area and share with readers share. But this phenomenon only appears in AM. In Science, Nature and PNAS, none of the top ten institutions are Chinese, and in other top journals, basically only the Chinese Academy of Sciences is shortlisted.

Generally speaking, we need to work harder to publish more top journals only on the number of top journals.

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