Why Do Containers Have So Many Colors?

Containers can be said to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind in history. With containers, it is possible to transport all kinds of goods of various shapes to the world for commercial trade. The greatest success of a container lies in the standardization of its products and the resulting set of transportation systems.

The container can standardize a behemoth with a load of several tens of tons, and on this basis, gradually realize the logistics system of ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels and multimodal transport on a global scale. 

The development of containers has also undergone a process. Currently, its dimensions are the same (2438mm), four lengths (12192mm, 9125mm, 6058mm, 2991mm) and three heights (2896mm, 2591mm, 2438mm).

As far as color is concerned, containers are colorful, so why are there so many colors of containers? The color of the shipping container mainly reflects the culture of the ocean shipping company, and it also increases the recognition and improves the IP value of the transportation company itself. For the moment, the following colors are included: 

Gray series container 

The companies that use the gray series of containers include China COSCO Container Lines, CMA CGM, and Maersk Line in Denmark. 

Green series container 

Companies that use green series of containers include Taiwan Evergreen Shipping Co., Ltd. and China Shipping Co., Ltd. 

Blue series container 

Companies that use the blue series of containers include Korea Hanjin Shipping Company, Singapore US President Shipping Company and other companies. 

Red series container 

The company that uses the red series of containers includes the modern shipping company in South Korea and the Harperauer shipping company in Germany. 

Yellow series container 

The company that uses the yellow series of containers includes the Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company.

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