Why is the Aluminum Alloy Window Better Than the Plastic Steel Window?

     Taking into account the safety and health factors, most families will use windows to seal the balcony, not only the balcony, the window sealing is definitely a must-have project in the process of decoration. The most important thing about sealing windows is the selection of materials. The most common ones are plastic steel windows and aluminum alloy windows. For many green hand , it is completely confusing. Which of the two is better?


     The window always plays the role of rushing in the home decoration, blocking the bad weather outside, such as wind and rain, thunder and hail, so this is a test of the pressure resistance and firmness of the window, if the firmness is not enough The windows are so riddled with holes. Under the pressure resistance, the plastic steel is weaker than the aluminum alloy. Since the plastic steel is welded, it is far less than the aluminum alloy in terms of hardness and elasticity.

Thermal insulation

     This is really important for people who live in the South for a long time. The winter in the south is so cold that the indoors are colder than the outdoors and the summer is super invincible. At this point, the plastic steel is superior to the aluminum alloy. In addition to the steel core, the other component in the plastic steel is PVC. The heat resistance is very good. The aluminum alloy has strong thermal conductivity, so the heat insulation effect is not very good. However, to compensate for this problem of aluminum alloys, there is also a material called broken aluminum alloys on the market, adding heat-insulating strips to avoid heat conduction too fast, but the price is relatively more expensive than aluminum alloy.

Aging deformation

     The aluminum alloy is durable and there is no aging deformation problem, but the PVC material of the plastic steel will be deformed by heat, it will become brittle when it is cold, and the stability is relatively poor. It is easy to be deformed when used for a long time.

Soundproof lighting

     When the plastic steel is used for a long time, it will be yellow and deformed, so the sound insulation effect is relatively poor. The joint of aluminum alloy is tight, relatively more anti-noise, and the sound insulation effect is more stable. The lighting performance of plastic steel is slightly inferior to that of aluminum alloy. The reason is that the shading area of the framed fan component is about 10% larger than that of the aluminum alloy window, which results in poor decoration and visual field effect. It is not conducive to energy saving of architectural lighting.


     Because the white or light gray PVC material is not easy to absorb heat, the heat resistance is relatively stable, so the plastic steel window is mostly white, and the overall color is relatively single. After a long time, it will turn yellow after being exposed to the wind and sun, seriously affecting the appearance. The aluminum alloy is made of metal material, which can be processed in a variety of ways. There are also many colors and patterns to choose from.


     In terms of price comparison, plastic steel is obviously cheaper than aluminum alloy. The level of plastic steel is about 200-300 yuan per square meter, and the level of aluminum alloy may be about 400-500 per square meter. If it is broken aluminum alloy, it may be thousands.


     Most of the current houses are high-rise tenants. The higher the floor, the more affected the residents are affected by the wind. From the perspective of safety, it is better for high-rise residents to choose more reliable aluminum alloys, especially in the eastern coastal areas with multiple typhoons and hurricanes. Low-level users can choose plastic steel, which is more affordable.

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