Working principle of copper pipe cutting machine

The copper pipe cutting machine is a cutting machine equipment dedicated to cutting copper pipes. The main working principle of the copper pipe cutting machine is divided into three parts: clamping, feeding and cutting.

1. Cutting machine clamping material:

Mainly based on the size of the copper tube cutting, select the corresponding fixture of the equipment, and clamp the product through pneumatic components. The clamping pressure can be adjusted according to the cutting wall thickness of the copper tube to ensure that the copper stamping blanks tube can be cut during the cutting process. Tighten, press firmly without being deformed.

2. Cutting machine feeding:

The clamped copper tube is cut, controlled by the servo system, and the product is forwarded to the corresponding cutting stroke according to the cutting length requirement.

3. Cutting by cutting machine:

After the stainless pipe to be cut is delivered, the copper pipe cutting machine will cut the product, and the tungsten steel saw blade will be used to cut the product through the curve or straight path. The cutting speed can be based on the thickness of the copper machining pipe. And processing requirements to adjust. After cutting, the cutting saw blade is returned to the original position to wait for the next feeding.

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