Laser Cutting China

Laser cutting china

Laser cutting china

Dongguan Wonder Metal ltd invested more than 30 million yuan to introduce more than 30,000W laser cutting machines and 8m large shearing and bending machines. It is a professional super large table with high power, good quality, wide range of metal processing and low price in South China. Positioning cutting 100mm*2.1m*9.5m sheet metal processing thickness stainless steel plate below 100mm, iron plate 70mm, aluminum plate 70mm, copper plate 40mm, red copper plate laser cutting, providing laser cutting labor and materials, processing and other one-stop services

Dongguan Wonder Metal ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the sales and processing of stainless steel materials. The company is located in Chencun Town, Foshan, one of the concentrated areas of China’s stainless steel industry. The company has a wide variety of stock materials and complete processing equipment, which can provide customers with one-stop procurement and processing services.

The company’s main business: cold and hot rolled medium and heavy plates, industrial plates, frosted polished plates, acid and alkali resistant plates, high temperature resistant plates

Main materials: 201, 304, 316L, 321, 310S, 2205, Q235 (carbon steel)

Processing matching: 6-meter shearing board bending and planing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, frosted wire drawing and polishing, leveling and rolling, embossing, punching, punching and anti-skid plates, customized metal products, etc.

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