2013-06-01 10:09 Engraving machine industry will usher in a reshuffle

2013-06-01 10:09Engraving machine industry will usher in a reshuffle

As the market demand for diversification and CNC technology continues to develop, China’s Cnc Engraving Machine industry has gradually come to an important period of change – innovative ideas, supply and demand changes in the market, product updates and other aspects are about to usher in a dramatic changed. All this omen that the new round of reshuffle imminent.

As we all know, Jinan is currently the nation and even the world’s largest CNC engraving machine production base, range covers woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machines, machining centers, foam Mold engraving machine and other low, medium and high product, but because the industry entry barriers low, with a large number of small manufacturers of small workshops mixed denounced them. In order to compete for the market, many desperately Jinan engraving machine manufacturers mutual bargain, but it ignores other regions gradually increased engraving machine manufacturers, engraving machine manufacturers in Jinan number of advantages have been relatively not obvious, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Anhui, Hebei and Beijing region engraving machine manufacturers mushroomed emerge, so Jinan engraving machine manufacturers by surprise. And with American and European countries back manufacturing, a large number of manufacturers more competitive will appear.

Innovative ideas and products update speed is an important force for rapid development of enterprises, but this requires a strong technical and financial support, engraving machine industry from there to mature already has 27 years of history, and now the market and customers for CNC engraving machine configuration and performance have higher requirements for quality and reliability, not only can be able to meet customer needs. Win has been done for a large scale manufacturers, how to adhere to self, to lead the industry become critical. With the changes in market demand for the product function and performance requirements are also approaching the specialized and high-end, such as professional production stair handrails, tiger products, long legs and other cylindrical cylinder engraving machine.

Jinan River CNC production woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine and other products for its multi-function, high cost performance advantages, has always stood out in the market, the next step with the industry reshuffle, Ltd. Jinan rivers as industry-leading CNC (CNC) equipment manufacturers, the company relies on strong research and development capabilities and technical strength, will be in the market to open up more space.

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