2013-07-17 16:41 Stone engraving machine market expansion

2013-07-17 16:41Stone engraving machine market expansion

Long-term since, the domestic market demand for stone engraving machine is mostly in the low-end engraving machine, while for the high-end products less involved, the degree of automation is not high. But in today’s society, science and technology is the first productivity, with artificial intelligence, automation, continuous development of the intelligent numerical control system, to meet the needs of manufacturing, more new stone engraving machine such as multi-head automatic tool change engraving machine available, compared with the single head sculpture original machine, these high-end engraving machine more professional, in the carving process either processing speed or processing technology is far superior to single head carving machine. At the same time, the technical level of a new generation of Cnc Engraving Machine system is greatly improved, to promote the performance of stone engraving machine to the development of high precision, high speed.

Overall, the current city accelerating infrastructure construction, will promote the rapid development of building decoration industry, and the ceramic tile foot, decorative products cannot do without stone engraving machine. Then the real estate market continued unpopular, is an increase of stone engraving machine to expand the market confidence, therefore, the next step stone carving machine market prospects.

As we all know, in order to improve the machining efficiency of stone engraving machine, first must raise the cutting and feed speed, but also shorten the time of processing, to ensure machining quality, must improve the stone engraving machine tool parts Trajectory Accuracy, and reliability is the basic guarantee of the target. Based on this point, the Ji’nan River CNC as the industry’s leading and largest engraving machine production and sales of manufacturers, grasp the high-end stone carving machine market opportunities, increase the intensity of technological innovation, and actively seek breakthrough in key technologies, and constantly enhance their own R & D and production capacity, R & D and production of a variety of advanced stone engraving machine stone engraving machine, actively expand the market, and achieved fruitful results.

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