AC Rotary Axis Function Of 5-axis CNC Machining Lathes

The five-axis machining center has a total of five motion coordinate axes, which are two motion rotary axes and three linear motion coordinate axes. Generally, it can be divided into AC combined rotary axis and BC combined rotary axis according to the different installation positions of two rotary movement The following describes the working range of the AC rotary axis of a five-axis machining center.
Working range and advantages of AC 5-axis CNC 5-axis machining center
Generally, the axis that rotates around the X axis of the five-axis cnc machining center is defined as the A axis. The working range of the A rotation axis is +30 degrees to -120 degrees.The rotary table of the five-axis machining center is provided with a rotary axis. This rotary axis rotates around the Z axis. We define it as the C rotary axis. The working range of the C rotary axis is 360 degrees.A five-axis machining center with a combination of A rotation axis and C rotation axis. The workpiece can be machined at one time to complete machining of other surfaces except the mounting surface.Generally, the minimum indexing value of the A rotation axis and C rotation axis is 0.001 degrees, so that there can be no angles on other surfaces except the mounting surface, and complex processes such as inclined surfaces and inclined holes can be processed. It can be shown that A axis of rotation, C axis of rotation, and XYZ linear three axes do five-axis simultaneous processing, and you can process complex curved workpieces. Of course, you need a good CNC system, servo motor system, and software support.
Structural advantage of AC axis setting in 5-axis CNC machining center
The advantages of the above-mentioned setting of the AC rotating shaft are the advantages of simple structure, good rigidity of the main shaft, and low manufacturing cost. Generally, the worktable cannot be set too large, and the load bearing is relatively small, especially when the A rotation axis is rotated to 90 degrees or greater than 90 degrees, it will bring a very large load moment to the worktable when processing the workpiece.
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