Analysis of the shock absorption methods of the four-column hydraulic press

The four-column Hydraulic Press is a commonly used equipment in the machinery industry. However, when using the four-column hydraulic press, due to the periodic nuisance force inside or outside the process system, forced vibration is prone to occur, which will have a positive impact on the normal operation of the four-column hydraulic press. Dongguan four-column hydraulic press manufacturers analyze what are the damping methods of the four-column hydraulic press.

  • First: Thicken the backing plate on the working table: Everyone knows that the important reason for the vibration of the four-column hydraulic press is the sudden release of the large energy stored in the liquid in the working cylinder. Therefore, the objective way to deal with this problem is to eliminate the storage capacity of the elastic compressive energy of the liquid in the working cylinder. The above is to add a backing plate of certain thickness between the working table of the four-column hydraulic press and the lower Mold to make the working stroke of the moving beam move up, thereby eliminating the volume of the upper chamber of the working cylinder when the load is suddenly lost, and correspondingly eliminating the stored liquid elasticity. energy.
  • Second: The working cylinder and the plunger of the tandem plunger hydraulic press are divided into two upper and lower sections. When the idle stroke is down, the upper and lower plungers and the moving beam will land together. The upper cavity of the lower cylinder enters the pressure oil and the lower cavity discharges the oil, pushing the plunger and the moving beam to press down together. When the material is broken and suddenly loses load, the upper cylinder plunger is still connected, only the lower cavity plunger probably produces a downward blow , But because the lower cylinder only needs to meet the requirements of blocking the material, the plunger stroke does not need to be large, and the volume of the upper cavity of the lower cylinder is also relatively small, so the stored liquid elastic energy is also relatively small, which eliminates the shock vibration accordingly.
  • Third: Add a one-way saving valve to the hydraulic control circuit of the hydraulic control one-way valve of a four-column hydraulic machine. After adjusting the saving valve, control the gap of the hydraulic control flow to reduce the movement rate of the control piston, which also extends the hydraulic pressure.

When the hole of the main valve of the control check valve is opened, the small unloading valve on the main spool is first opened, and then the main valve is opened. The pressure can be extended when the pressure is relieved, which can eliminate oscillation, blow and noise.

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