Analyze the process of napkin production by four-column hydraulic press

According to this process, the pressing speed, working pressure and deceleration range of the four-column Hydraulic Press can be adjusted, and three processes can be completed: ejection process, belt ejection process and stretching process. The four-column hydraulic press is driven by an original variable frequency controller, and the electrical application is a programmable controller with the world’s leading technology, which effectively reduces the labor of the operator.

The process steps of four-column hydraulic press to produce napkins:

  • 1. The four-column hydraulic press slowly rolls up 300 napkins, very quickly at first.
  • 2. Then the four-column hydraulic press decelerates, but it still moves downward.
  • 3. The speed of the four-column hydraulic press gets slower and slower, and finally stops moving and stops at a certain position.
  • 4. The four-column hydraulic press is lifted, and you can see that the napkin is pressed into cardboard.
  • 5. Hammering the cardboard with a hammer has a certain strength!

can reduce the quality while saving materials, reduce the number of parts and molds, and save a lot of Mold costs that need to be spent. While reducing production costs, its own high strength and rigidity are constantly improving.

The above content is to analyze the process of producing napkins by the four-column hydraulic press, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about hydraulic press, please call Dongguan China Machinery Co., Ltd. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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