Application of laser marking machine in the food industry

As we all know, the application of laser marking machine in 3C electronic products has been very extensive, so can it be applied to plastic packaging bags? With the advancement of science and technology, the emergence of packaging bag laser marking machine has made up for these shortcomings. It basically covers all the application fields of inkjet printers. Laser marking machines are no longer simply marking product dates and batch numbers. Because it has unique visual and tactile effects, and it cannot be scrubbed for a long time.

Due to its strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling performance, it is currently mainly used for online coding and marking on the surface of various products or outer packaging. Unlike traditional laser marking machines that only mark static objects, this equipment can be used in During the laser coding process, the products flow continuously on the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency and adapts the marking machine to the requirements of industrial production.

In traditional crafts, food packaging bags generally use “codes” to indicate the production date, batch number, and origin information. Such as ordinary dairy products, bread, bottled drinks and so on. However, due to various reasons, some lawbreakers are driven by profit to obliterate the production date of the product that is about to expire, and then spray a new production date to continue selling on the market. This situation will greatly affect people’s health and seriously affect the balance of the market. But the emergence of laser marking machine has replaced the coding mark well.

Using the technical processing of laser marking machine, we use laser marking machine to mark the logo in supermarket merchandise. Similarly, laser is also suitable for gift packaging industry. The application of laser marking machine will be more closely related to people’s lives in the future. Associated.

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