Application of new intelligent manufacturing technology in four-column hydraulic press industry

As the demand for products in the Hydraulic Press industry continues to increase, product upgrades are gradually accelerating. On the one hand, hydraulic press products can keep up with the trend of the times of intelligence and high-end; on the other hand, the replacement of old machines will result in waste of resources. At present, resource shortages and increased environmental load have become bottlenecks restricting global economic development. At the same time, a large amount of waste mechanical and electrical products is becoming the fastest growing waste in the world, causing serious modern waste pollution, waste of resources and hidden safety hazards. my country is a major manufacturing country in the world, as well as a major country in hydraulic presses.

The development of hydraulic press remanufacturing is advancing slowly. In the application of the hydraulic press industry, it is necessary to strengthen the cross-integration of the domestic and foreign hydraulic press remanufacturing industries. Use foreign remanufacturing reverse logistics and information management methods for reference to improve domestic remanufacturing circulation management. Develop China’s independent innovation of surface engineering and repair technology, strengthen the application of remanufacturing technology, explore the cross integration of remanufacturing quality control methods and standards, and strengthen my country’s independent innovation.

It is understood that the next few years will be a period of rapid development and impact in the CNC four-pillar hydraulic press industry. It is expected that the number of CNC hydraulic presses that can truly survive on the market will drop significantly in the next few years. However, this high-speed shock in the CNC hydraulic press industry will also bring a huge opportunity to make the market operation more reasonable and standardized.

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