How to Select the Right Steel Grade to Improve Mold Performance

A look at an improved steel grade utilizing boron metallurgy that will help shops reduce internal costs and minimize the risk of failure during manufacturing. The vast majority of molds for the plastic injection molding industry have been traditionally made of conventional steel grades—such as AISI P20—but an alternative steel1… Continue reading

Case Study:Aerospace Molds Need Proper Mix Of Application and Technology

This moldmaker flies high with a combination of specialized processes and modern technologies required for the extremely tight tolerances and exotic material concerns in the aerospace industry. Tech Tool & Molded Plastics (Meadville, PA) has made a name for itself these past 34 years by catering to a number of… Continue reading

Method for determining clamping force of CNC machining tool

When the cnc machining tool is designed with a clamping device, the determination of the clamping force includes three factors: the direction of the clamping force, the point of action and the size. So how do you determine the clamping force of a CNC machining tool?1. The action point of… Continue reading

Toolmaking Success to Be Colloquium Focus

“We know that German companies make the best tools, but we have to convince our customers of the fact!” This recent statement by an eminent supporter of the German toolmaking industry gives impetus to the 7th International Colloquium “Tool and Die Making for the Future,” being held in Wiesbaden, Germany,… Continue reading

Buy collapsible containers from China

Are you looking for collapsible containers from China? We offer different types and dimension collapsible containers for domestic and export.   For our collapsible containers, after folding, the volume of foldable container will be 1/4-1/3 of assemblage size. Foldable container is light weight, small footprint, convenient assemblage; and it has… Continue reading