What are the principles of machining parts ?

When we do anything, we have certain principles. We just don't know if everyone has paid attention to it. In our daily life, I don't know if everyone understands the principles of cnc machining mechanical parts? Its processing principle has the following points.1. First process the reference surface. During the processing of… Continue reading

Precision parts processing is becoming more and more specialized, and can also extend the service life!

The metal cutting fluid has four functions of friction reduction, cooling, cleaning and rust prevention. In practice, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the three aspects of process applicability, operation cost and safety, and select the appropriate variety. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the selection principle… Continue reading

What are the non-metallic standards for Non-standard parts ?

With the continuous progress of the times, the development of our industry is something that everyone can see and how good it is. These are the efforts and efforts that cannot be separated from it. Only after paying can we harvest the fruits full of non-standards. precision cnc machining processing is… Continue reading

Medical packaging mould

Medical packaging moulds, like testing tube moulds, Petri dish moulds, syringe moulds and drugs packaging molds. Sino Mould can export these moulds for you, and also can offer the whole production line for medical packaging molding line. Medical packaging mould have high requirement on the products health, like syrings, Petri… Continue reading

Is the CNC machining center good or the engraving and milling machine?

First, is the cnc machining center good or the engraving and milling machine?CNC machining centers and engraving and milling machines are common mechanical equipments. There are similarities and differences between the two. If it is hard to say that the CNC machining center is good or the engraving and milling… Continue reading

Walter Tool Launches Internet Ordering

Cutting tools branded Walter, Titex, and Prototyp can now be ordered conveniently from Walter AG via the Internet. The Toolshop at www.walter-toolsmold.wiki offers an extremely wide range of precision tools for metal machining. The new Internet shop, with menu-based navigation, is easy to use. The Toolshop is available in Germany… Continue reading