Axiom of mining plan to exploit nickel ore in the end of this year!

  Because of the supporting of nickel price going up , the independent Group (Independence Group) decided to start  preparing production of  Axiom Mining (Axiom Mining,)

in the end of the year.

  Axiom Mining has been prepared in the Solomon islands for Mining operations and plans to supply the clay and nickel ore to China.Due to the Philippines environmental

reviewing , part of the mine production was quit which drive prices higher.


  In the earlier this year, Japan’s giant sumitomo metal Mining company, a subsidiary of Solomon (SMM Solomon Ltd) won the litigation between Axiom of Mining companies

and Australia (Australia ‘s Axiom nickel deposit Mining,) for Solomon Isabel about the ownership of litigation.The Axiom of Mining (Axiom Mining,) applied for Santa Isabel the

ownership of the island and lawsuit Sumitomo Metal Mining again .now they are awaiting results which will be announced in the coming months.Axiom Mining plans to develop

 nickel ore near the island of San Jorge .The annual output is about 1 million tons of nickel mines .It is expected to grow to 2 million tons annual production in 2018.

  The nickel minerals are buried shallowly, depth of of it is less than 20 meters, no cracking, easy to mining. operating costs is about $33 million currently.

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