The characteristic requirements of precision metal processing stamping parts

Precision metal processing technology and stamping dies should be closely linked to the actual conditions of the factory’s machines and workers, and comprehensively consider the quality of parts, productivity, manufacturing costs, labor efficiency, environmental maintenance and the safety factor of manufacturing to determine and Design the production technology plan and… Continue reading

High-Efficiency Barrel Heating And Cooling

The Servtek TCS (Thermal Control Solution) radiant barrel heating/cooling system, developed by Rex Materials Group, Fowlerville, Mich., and distributed exclusively for plastics by Cincinnati Milacron in Batavia, Ohio, is said to bring energy savings of 30% to 50% to both extrusion and injection molding. In extrusion, it reportedly offers some… Continue reading

There are many precautions for the processing of CNC machining parts

The product will be applied to various mechanical equipment in the production process. Different equipment has different characteristics and the areas of application are different. However, there are many precautions no matter what equipment is used.Dongguan mechanical parts processing manufacturers introduced that there are many things that need our attention… Continue reading

CNC automatic lathes are fast to program

Precision turned parts subcontractor said Star CNC automatic lathes are fast to set and program, so they are back in production quickly for the next batch run. UK precision turned parts subcontractor, BGT Automatics, is steadily changing over from using cam-operated automatic lathes to using sliding-headstock, multi-axis CNC lathes Established… Continue reading

Complex OEM Parts By 5- Axis CNC Machining From ptj

Lemo processed complex OEM parts by 5- axis cnc machining  for European customers, thanks for their trust and support. Most of our CNC machines are imported from Japan and Germany. If you have any demands on CNC parts, welcome to send us drawings for quote, thanks.  Previous: OEM Metal Parts Shipped By… Continue reading

Introduction Of Fasteners And Common Parts

Fasteners are a class of mechanical parts that are used for fastening and are widely used. It is widely used in various industries, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, chemicals, instruments and supplies. It is the most widely used mechanical basic parts. It is characterized by a… Continue reading

How to offer the prices from the CNC machined part’s drawings ?

Manufacturers of CNC mechanical parts processing provide mechanical parts processing services. we can receive a lot of CNC mechanical parts processing drawings from customers every day. But how do I learn to read these CNC machined parts processing drawings ?We specialize in analyzing drawings for cnc machining of these mechanical parts.First you… Continue reading