What are the mechanical equipments used in precision CNC machining ?

Dongguan precision machinery processing manufacturers introduced that precision machining is a process that uses a processing machine to change the size or performance of a workpiece.Many items in our lives will go through the process of processing, and will be applied to many machinery and equipment in the process of… Continue reading

Update given on product marking/printing inks

Widely used in the plastics components manufacturing industry, product marking 945UV, 080UV and T40 inks are used in moulding, packaging and other materials. Kaye-Dee is sole UK and Ireland distributor for the printing ink manufacturer Ruco and provides an update on the usage of the Ruco series 945UV, 080UV and… Continue reading

Machining Center Spindles: What You Need to Know

Machining Center Spindles: What You Need to Know Why and how to research spindle technology before purchasing a machining center. By Maggie Smith Everyone knows the importance of the basic spindle specs when you purchase a cnc machining center: max spindle speed, peak spindle motor horsepower and max spindle motor… Continue reading

ptj Is Good At Precision Machining And Assembly

Below are assembly tools ( Fixture and Jig) for our Spain customers. The main processing method is CNC milling, cnc machining, The material are carbon steel and alloy steel.Lemo can do customize precision machining and assembly according to your clear design drawings. Then use professional export plywood case for safe package… Continue reading

How is the level of operation of CNC machining masters?

The beginners of cnc machining know that the learning is difficult, the knowledge to be mastered is very complicated, and the learning is often lost. The confidence in learning is also falling. Presumably this is the general feeling of CNC processing practitioners. Everything has to find ways, sometimes choose to… Continue reading

China cnc CNC machine tool parts processing has mastered key core technologies

China's cnc machining cnc machine tools have broken through key core technologies and formed a number of iconic products.  In the field of automobile manufacturing, the large-scale fast and efficient CNC automatic stamping production line has won the bulk orders of the production lines of the American automobile local factories… Continue reading

What should I do if there are bubbles in injection molded products?

1. Improper control of molding conditionsMany process parameters have a direct impact on the generation of bubbles and vacuum bubbles. Setting the injection pressure is too low, the injection speed is too fast, the injection time and cycle are too short, the amount of material added is too much or… Continue reading

Precision CNC Machine Parts Export To Australia By TNT

Below photos showed Precision cnc machine parts export to australia by TNT, the material are aluminum and stainless steel, in each custom metal parts, we attached the design drawings  for customers to check them easily. If customer need urgently, we always use Express shipment, such as : DHL,TNT.FEDEX.  2-3 days can arrived… Continue reading

Color resin compounding capacity expanded

RTP Company’s Color Division of specialty compounds has expanded its capacity for producing masterbatches and precolored resins to give five-day delivery. The Color Division of specialty compounder RTP Company has expanded its capacity on a number of fronts for the production of masterbatches and precolored resins "Additional capacity allows us… Continue reading