What should be paid attention to when purchasing medical equipment machining parts?

What should be paid attention to when purchasing medical equipment machining parts?Medical equipment machining workpieces refer to the mechanical parts necessary for the medical industry such as hospitals, clinics, etc., so they all need to be continuously purchased. The main purpose is to diagnose, prevent, monitor, alleviate or alleviate diseases;… Continue reading

What impact does the mold have on Automobile manufacturing ?

We all know that the components using mold forming technology have certain adaptability. It itself requires relatively thin and must have certain shape.Components such as crankshafts and connecting rods, which have thickness and diameter, are difficult to stamp with a die. At present, the most common method is to use a… Continue reading

What are the advantages of ptj hardware processing?

1. Fine metal shaft cnc machining with high precision and stable processing quality;2. It can carry out multi-coordinate linkage and can process parts with disordered shapes;3. When the fine hardware CNC machining parts are changed, generally only need to change the NC program, which can save production preparation time;4. The… Continue reading

Analysis of modern control technology of cnc CNC machine tools

cnc machining machine combines the rapidity of modern control technology with the precision of cnc CNC machining machine movement to form a real high-speed machining system. The control system of CNC machining machine may shorten the machining cycle and improve the complex 3D model. Obstacles to the finish of aerospace… Continue reading

MTC Software expands Asia-Pacific operation

MTC Software Inc., Lockport, N.Y., a developer of software for CNC sheet and plate cutting, has opened a sales and applications support facility in Singapore. Working closely with the company’s Australian operation, the new office supports MTC Software products in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has appointed M.J. Wong as… Continue reading

LFI part inmould painting enters series production

Tractor engine covers made of fibre-reinforced PUR in a LFI process, are being given a high-gloss surface finish in the mould in series production in India, said Krauss-Maffei. Krauss-Maffei announced that a new inmould painting process to produce tractor engine covers recently went into operation at Harita TVS Technologies in… Continue reading

Tooling for Zero Stock Machining

Machining to net shape relies on proper end mill selection. Zero stock machining (ZSM)—also referred to as net shape or negative stock machining—is the practice of producing mold components without leaving extra stock. When applied effectively, ZSM provides several important benefits for moldmakers: time-consuming EDM and manual operations—such as polishing,… Continue reading

Will the CNC machining requirements be higher ? The smooth surface is better ?

How does the surface roughness of cnc machining parts Aluminum alloy meet 0.8 ?Use a milling cutter with a large diameter to make the rotation speed as high as possible, but the machine tool can't be shocked. The rough milling leaves 0.3-0.5mm and then finishes the finishing. Can it be… Continue reading

How to improve efficiency when China CNC Machining processing?

How to improve efficiency when China cnc machining processing?1. Set the tool change point. China cnc processing plant in order to consider the convenience and safety of the tool change, sometimes the tool change point is also set far from the blankAt the position, then, when the second knife is… Continue reading

stackable crate mould

Do you want to purchase stackable plastic crate mould? Come to Sino. We are professional plastic stackable crate mould maker in China. We offer you high quality stackable crate mold, and best stackable crate molding service. We have the confidence to make you satisfied.     As a professional plastic… Continue reading