Cnc machining surface finishing calculation operation

In the cnc processing, the processing of the mold to the end is the finishing stage. At this stage, the calculation of the cutting amount of the cnc workpiece is required. The following is the surface finishing calculation operation of the cnc workpiece, and I hope to help everyone.cnc machining parts surface finishing generally uses ball knives, common machining tolerances are 0.005~0.025, the feed rate is 0.1~0.5, and the feed rate is 300~500.
1. Calculation of cutting speedVc=(π*D*S)/1000 Vc: line speed (m/min) π: pi (3.14159) D: tool diameter (mm) S: speed (rpm)
For example, use a milling cutter Vc of Φ25 for (m/min) 25 to find S=?rpm Vc=πds/1000 25=π*25*S/1000 S=1000*25/ π*25 S=320rpm
2. Calculation of feed rate (F value) F=S*Z*Fz F: Feed amount (mm/min) S: Speed (rpm) Z: Number of edges Fz: (actual feed per blade)
For example, a standard 2-edge end mill cuts the workpiece at 2000 rpm). What is the feed rate (F value)? (Fz=0.25mm) F=S*Z*Fz F=2000*2*0.25 F=1000(mm/min)
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