Data is very important when CNC machining

We often see that some precision machinery manufacturing companies in Dongguan complain that the precision that customers want has not been achieved, etc. In this regard, I would like to say that those manufacturing precision CNC machinery manufacturing companies in Dongguan are generally companies with many large machinery. 
The machinery of those large-scale Dongguan precision machinery manufacturers is generally very precise, so under what circumstances will the final product deviate from our expectations? 
The first possibility is of course that the data they delivered is not enough Fine or serious deviation, the data is inherently inaccurate, and everything produced is inaccurate. 
The second point is that the wrong merchant is indeed found. The level of merchant production will lead to this situation, 
but generally It is said that we can be foolproof as long as we give the correct data of Dongguan precision machinery processing factory when cnc machining.
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