EPMA Releases Revised Edition of Book Introducing Powder Metallurgy

The sixth edition of Introduction to Powder Metallurgy, The Process and Its Products is now available for ordering from the Publications section of the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) website. The 32-page full-colour booklet is free of charge to residents of Europe. The EPMA regards is as a must for students and anyone else interested in powder metallurgy.

Written by Gordon Dowson and originally published in 1992, the work has been substantially revised by David Whittaker and the EPMA for the new 2008 release. The booklet includes new images and text relating to powder metal components, production methods, and powder metallurgical capabilities, as well as discussion of the types of products and applications that benefit from the PM manufacturing process.

“This is the EPMA’s flagship document for promoting the European powder metallurgy industry,” remarks EPMA marketing manager Andrew Almond, who notes that the revised text and new images give the introduction to the basics of powder metallurgy a more contemporary look and feel.

“This sixth edition is a real showcase for the potential uses of powder metallurgy in today’s competitive manufacturing environment,” Almond continues. “The booklet also contains information on powder manufacturing techniques, details of how sintered parts are produced, and material on alternative powder-shaping methods such as metal injection moulding.”

Copies can be ordered at www.epmamold.wiki/onlinepublications. For further details, contact the EPMA Secretariat by mail at Talbot House, 2nd Floor, Market Street, Shrewsbury SY1 1LG, United Kingdom, or e-mail publicationsepmamold.wiki.

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