Investment Precsion Casting with Construction Machinery Part

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Weight:3kg

  • Trademark:QH

  • Specification:SGS

  • Origin:Zhejiang Ningbo

Product Description

The name of the product is The construction machinery casting Part.
1. Materials: Carbon Steel
2. Process: Precision Casting
3. Weight: 10kg
4. The Minimum Order: 1pc
5. Package: Fumigation Wooden Cases
6. Shipment: By Sea
7. Trade Terms: FOB & CIF
8. Payment: L/C & T/T
Of course, the larger the order is, the more favorable the price is. If you have demand for the product, please contact us immediately. We are looking forward to your enquiry.
The name of the product
The construction machinery Casting Part
Carbon Steel Casting
The Minimum Order:

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