Large-scale high-speed five-axis machining center external processing is the CNC processing gospel

In the processing industry, there are often things that are difficult to process or can't be processed. Some are not processed to meet the accuracy requirements, and some are too large. However, encountering large workpieces is a headache, because it is easy to deform large deformations during processing and machining, so many large workpieces are solved by large-scale high-speed five-axis machining centers. However, many companies with large-scale high-speed five-axis machining centers do not process them. Therefore, it is particularly difficult to encounter large-scale workpieces that are not processed or processed in a way that does not have five-axis machining. If it is a large-scale part with complicated structure, it is difficult to add. difficult. Five-axis simultaneous machining solves the problems of most machining industries because five-axis simultaneous machining has two rotating axes that can mobilize the angle of the workpiece to create the optimum cutting conditions for the tool to machine complex structures.
Moreover, the five-axis simultaneous machining is particularly high in terms of efficiency, because it is only necessary to perform the machining of five faces in one setup, so that five-axis linkage is also advantageous in terms of efficiency. Firstly, the time for the NC operator to adjust the setting machine is reduced, and the cost of the tooling fixture is also reduced, because almost the entire workpiece can be processed in the first clamping, so the precision of the product processed by the five-axis linkage is also special. High, because at the same time, the completion of one surface reduces the error when the clamping is done with the calibration. Because the five-axis machine can solve so many problems and the cost performance is high, it is said that the large-speed high-speed five-axis machining center is external. Processing is the gospel of cnc machining
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