Li Bing, the mayor of Shangjie District, went to Chinalco Zhengzhou for investigation and guidance

On August 8th, Li Bing, the head of Shangjie District, and Li Peng, the deputy head of Shangjie District, led the heads of the District Health and Family Planning Commission, the Development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Fire Bureau, the Work Safety Supervision Bureau, the Office, and the Supervision Office to the company to carry out the “18 People help thousands of enterprises” supervision and guidance on epidemic prevention and control.

Company leaders Li Guoqian, Sun Yuhe, Pan Shoudao and heads of related departments accompanied the investigation.

Li Bing went to the centralized control center of the alumina plant’s dispatch room, dissolution workshop and roasting workshop to conduct investigations.In the alumina factory dispatching room, dissolution workshop and roasting workshop centralized control center laboratory positions, Li Bing and Li Guoqian and the head of the alumina factory respectively had detailed conversations on the current post-disaster production organization reconstruction and other details, and carefully understood the current operating status of the production line. In addition, detailed inquiries and repeated urges were made on the implementation of specific protective measures for employees on the post during the current epidemic, and the storage of epidemic prevention materials.

Subsequently, Li Bing went to the site of the production line of the environmental protection new material factory and the central control team of the firing workshop to conduct on-site inspections, and put forward requirements for clean production of the enterprise and epidemic prevention and control.

Li Bing requested that at present, epidemic prevention and control and post-disaster construction are a severe struggle to protect the people’s lives, health, and economic recovery.All functional departments of the government should insist on prevention and control on the one hand, and development on the other hand, carry out in-depth activities of “Ten Thousands Help Ten Thousand Enterprises”, earnestly feedback various problems raised by enterprises, and effectively help enterprises solve practical difficulties, and form a business-oriented enterprise in the whole society. , Care about the good atmosphere of enterprise development.Enterprises must pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control work and strictly implement various management standards. At the same time, under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, they must both grasp the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and promote both. To ensure the steady operation of air pollution control and safe production, it is necessary to strengthen communication with government departments, provide more reasonable suggestions, build a pro-Qing political and business relationship, and effectively promote the harmonious and stable development of the regional economy.

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