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Sino Mould supply molds tooling service, has been the mould tools supplier for 22 years, is a famous molding tools maker in China, the professional mold tooling manufacturer, molding tools factory in the China mold town.
Molding tools maker-Sino Mould has been molds tooling line for 22 years , is specialized in making home appliance molds, automotive parts molds and other high precise molding tools. We have set up many samples project in other countries to show our quality and good after sales service for some turnkey project, like PET bottles production, IML automatic production line … let more and more people know well about Sino Mould because of its good quality and professional after sales service. Till now, we have got some patent in special mould structure design, like stacking molding tools, tooth paste cap mold.
If you want to find such molding tools maker in China, welcome to contact Sino Mould, the world famous molding tools maker.

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