Nine Knowledge Points About Carbon Fiber

People know a little bit about carbon fiber, a high-tech material used in cars, airplanes and sporting goods.There are still many places worth exploring about carbon fiber. Today, I listed nine common knowledge points for you. I hope you can get some harvest after reading them.1.Carbon fiber, sometimes called graphite fiber, is a high-strength, lightweight material that can replace steel in electronic devices and industrial manufacturing.2.Carbon fiber was first invented by Thomas Edison to act as a filament.3.Producing carbon fiber by electric means is slow and is generally only used in mass production.4.If a 390ft production line in a 42,000-square-foot facility could produce up to 25 tonnes of carbon fibre a year, it would be the length of 138,889 football fields.5.The most common carbon fiber is PAN based carbon fiber, which accounts for 90% of the total amount.6.The production of carbon fibers goes through a number of processes, including stretching, oxidation (to increase the melting temperature), carbonization (to increase the content of carbon) and graphitization (to improve the content of carbon).7.Carbon fiber can be woven into the fabric, and resin composite can be processed famous abnormals.8.The new generation of carbon fiber composites can reduce vehicle weight by 50 percent and improve fuel efficiency by about 35 percent without affecting its performance or safety.Furthermore, it will save more than 5,000 yuan worth of fuel.9.In addition to cars and trucks, carbon fibre is used in wind turbines, power transmission lines and more.

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