Plasma-arc system cuts intricate components

Wilkinson Star launched at this week’s MACH 2008 exhibition a multi-gas mechanised plasma-arc cutting power source shown performing simulated cutting of complex and intricate components.

Wilkinson Star, sole UK representative for Cebora welding products, launched the Plasma Prof 164 HQC (High Quality Cut) multi-gas mechanised plasma-arc cutting power source at the UK’s MACH 2008 machine tool exhibition this week The company showed the machine was interfaced with a SMS (Smart Machine Systems) SmartPLASMA plasma-arc cutting table, simulating the cutting of complex and intricate components

Available in capacities of 220/230V, 380/400V and 415/440V, the 50/60Hz Plasma Prof 164 HGC power source is fully microprocessor controlled.

It has a 22kVA input power and a maximum rating of 120A at 100% duty cycle with a infinitely adjustable current range between 20-120A.

The machine includes a HV18 ignition unit, PGC-1/2 synergic parameter setting gas console, PVC secondary gas valve console and CP250G cutting torch.

Wilkinson Star told manufacturingtalk that the Plasma Prof 164 HQC is designed for use in the fabrication industry to cut complicated highly intricate quality components in a multitude of steels using different gases including oxygen, nitrogen, argon-hydrogen, nitrogen-hydrogen and compressed air.

All the process parameters including material to be cut and its thickness, the gas and current required, the optimum cutting speed and cutting torch nozzle diameter are set using the PGC-1/2 gas console.

The user is able to access system updates as they become available, direct from the Cebora website using the RS232 port on the power source to update the equipments software.

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