Plastic Injection mold seller China

China is a professional plastic mold maker China, providing top quality injection mold China, with short delivery time and superior plastic mould sales service China.China MOULD is a specialized plastic mold maker China,every year we successfully made more than 300 sets of various injection moulds for the clients from the domestic and overseas.
Technology support for the plastic injection mold China.
1. China MOULD started business relationship with MTS (Mould Technology Service Co.) in Belgium in the year of 2001,and offered 60% of the products to MTS. During the cooperation time, we developed our own quality standard onthe base of MTS’s requirements which is including the DME standard plastic injection mold base and components dimensions.
2. Professional engineers for plastic injection mold design China .
We have more than 50 engineers to design the injection mold China, the injection mold of strength, heat-transfering,aesthetics, weight, finish, dimensional tolerance requirements, we should pay more attention to every factor to make sure that we can make a perfect injection mold to meet the clients’ requirements.
3. Huge QC team for the injection mold China
We have huge QC workmates to be responsible for the injection mold making, doing all kinds of data analysis to ensure that every process is accurate and  most effective. If itis needed ,we even do moldflow analysis to decide the ventingsystem of the injection mold China.
4. Superior sales service for the China injection mold.
We have the advanced internet platform, so we can offer you injection molding online service, and solve a lot problem timely online.
Before –sales service : we can offer you online consultation for moulds and injection molding technology.
Mid-sales service: we can offer every process of the injection mold making to our client, and let them informed that how is the mold made and the schedule of the injection mold making.
After-sales service: we offer clients 24 hours repairing service and one year’s guarantee for the whole machine ,also help upgrade the injection machine and installation.
We offer you not a mould ,but a responsible attitude and a fine solution to client’s requirements. If you feel interested in injection mold China, pls contact ChinaMOULD.

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