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Sino has rich experience in making bottle crate mould. As a professional bottle crate mould manufacturer, we have perfect crate mould cooling design to shorten the cycle time and design to anti flash.


Bottle crate mould design makes great effect on the plastic mould, our designers know the crate very well and during the mould design, they will take all the factors into consideration then according customers’ special requirement to do some change.


To the bottle crate, there are 24 bottles, 20 bottles, 16 bottles, etc. The common characters of the crate are that they have strengthen ribs and thicker comparing with normal crate. When they are molding, it can be easily with some flashes and need long cycle time. Sino’s professional design can do some modification on the mould to anti even little flash, especially at handle part.


Sino has professional water channel design can cool the product in short time. And according customers’ output requirement, we can add the beryllium copper at the handle part and the bottom side of the crate. Normally the cycle time of Sino bottle crate mould can be 30 seconds.

Usually, these bottle crate moulds are 1 cavity, but if you need Sino has ability to offer you 2 cavities, even four cavities. The cavity and core steel of bottle Crate mold can be 718, 2738, DINI.1 2344


And we will use 4 tips ANOLE pin-point gate hot runner to make sure it can molding well and with no waste plastic. The Mold Ejection system can be ejector pin and ejecting block. Sino bottle crate mould can be fully automatic.


If you need good bottle crate mould to improve your production, please no hesitate to connect Sino.


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