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Sino Mould is the famous plastic mould manufacturer located in the southeast of China, Pallet Mould is one of our main mould series, we have many kinds of the pallet, such as Single-Face, Double-Face Non-Reversible, Double-Face Reversible.


China has top quality mentality working-team, and can offer you the good quality mould with best price. The team includes sales department, pricing department, project management department, design department, tooling department, assembly department, quality control department, etc.


From the Pallet parts 3D model to the mould testing, we have very rigorous analysis, studying and quality controlling. Before the mould design, we will have the 3D pallet design mould flow analyzing first, it can meet many shortcoming and avoid many problem in the future production.

Then all the related team will have the pallet mould design technical meeting, in order to design the most suitable drawing, they mention the technical points, such like the steel, basic structure, material, MFI, customer’s special request, the machine parameter, etc. After customer confirm, we begin to make the mould. Usually we make stages machining – rough machining and precision high speed milling or machining. We have 5 axis cnc machine for pallet mould. After that, quality control department use 2 sets of CMM and 1 projection measuring instruments for cavities / cores and other components dimension checking. If the dimension meets the tolerance, then we will take it to our assembling shop. Otherwise, we will do re-machining immediately.


As a professional pallet mould manufacturer, welcome your inquiry to China MOULD.


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