Plastic mould|Plastic electric box

Sino Holdings Group has two branches – China MOULD and Dakumar Machinery, so we can offer you the turnkey line solution of the plastic electric box, including the electric box mould, servo motor injection machine, auxiliary equipment.


Sino has rich experience in making the electric box mould, we have design department specialized in design electric mould, for such project, usually, the raw material is ABS as it is antiflaming characteristic. The steel we often use S136 with quenching , the hardness must be HRC40-HRC44. There are many ejector ways, such like ejector pin, ejector plate, or use twice ejector. For this mold, we choose cold runner – submarine gate, it can separate the tailing automatic and save many workers’ time to cut it. The electric mold difficulty point is the precision tooling, there are many inserts and the matching request is very high.


Dakumar machinery can offer different tonnage injection machines, according to the mould dimension, we can offer you the suitable machine, what’s more, you can purchase the auxiliary equipment together, such like the auto-loder, water chiller, air dryer, mixer, crusher, etc.


If you will start the plastic electric box project, do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the line solution, it is much more convenient for you.


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