Problems caused by improper arrangement of cnc processing technology

The use of cnc processing equipment for processing, high efficiency and good quality, but if the process design is not properly arranged, it can not reflect its advantages. From the experience of some cnc processing factories, there are some problems as follows:1, cnc processing process is too scatteredThe reason for this problem lies in the fear of complication (referring to preparation time), simple programming, simplified operation and processing, use of a knife to easily adjust the tool setting, and accustomed to ordinary processing. As a result, the product quality (position tolerance) is not easy to guarantee and the production efficiency cannot be exerted well. Therefore, the cnc processing technicians and operators should be fully familiar with the knowledge of numerical control processing and try more to master the relevant knowledge and use the method of process concentration as much as possible to process it. Using several times, it will naturally reflect its advantages. After the process was centralized, the unit processing time increased. We placed two devices face-to-face, enabling one person to operate two devices. The efficiency was greatly improved and the quality was well guaranteed.2, cnc processing sequence is not reasonableSome cnc processing operators take into account some of the preparation problems, and often arrange the processing sequence extremely unreasonably. cnc machining is usually performed according to the requirements of the general machining process. For example, after the first rough and fine (for tool change), first and then outside, reasonable choice of cutting parameters, etc., so that the quality and efficiency can be improved.Use G00 (G26, G27, G29) Quick Positioning Instructions With Caution The G00 instruction provides great convenience for programming and use. However, if it is improperly set up and used, it will often result in overshoot due to excessive speed setting, adverse effects such as overshoot, loss of precision on the guide rail surface, and other adverse consequences. The zero return route does not pay attention, and it is easy to produce safety accidents that collide with workpieces and equipment. Therefore, when considering the use of the G00 instruction, you should consider it comprehensively and it is not free.In the numerical control processing, in particular, it should also pay attention to strengthen the program retrieval and trial run. After the program is entered into the control system, the operator shall use the SCH key and the ↑, ↓, ←, → move keys to perform indefinite and definite search, and if necessary modify the program to ensure the accuracy of the program. At the same time, before the official execution of the program is processed, it must undergo a trial run (open the amplifier) to confirm whether the processing route is consistent with the design route.The above are some common problems and solutions when using cnc processing equipment. In the actual work may also encounter some other problems, but as long as the cnc processing engineering and technical personnel and operators brainstorm, take a serious knowledge of CNC knowledge and skills, CNC equipment can be very good for the company to maximize their effectiveness.
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