Professional thin wall container mold manufacturer

Sino Mould, the top plastic thin wall container mould maker, offer you thin wall container mould with IML system. As a professional thin wall container mold manufacturer, we offer you best thin wall container molding service.

Sino mould, the professional thin wall container mold manufacturer, can make the container wall thickness from 0.4mm to 0.55mm with 4 or 8 cavities and the container volume can be 300ml, the cycle time can approach 3.5 to 8 seconds based on the thin wall container mould need the IML system or not. And the injection molding machine you used also has influence for the cycle time.

Together with our Darkumar high speed injection molding machine, we can offer customers thin wall, multi cavities high speed injection mold with IML solution to meet customers’.


If you want to find a company that not only offer you a thin wall container mold, but also a turnkey solution for plastic thin wall container, please contact us.


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