Punch price, 2019 factory will give you a quotation

Every time a customer asks our salesperson, the first sentence asks how much the punch is, which makes it difficult for our salesperson to answer at once. I don’t know how many tons of punch you want or what configuration requirements you want. Punch, I don’t know if you want the peripheral equipment of the punch, and I don’t know if the product you want to produce can be done by a small punch, etc. Today, the punch manufacturer will answer your question and let you choose a small punch Avoid detours, waste less time, and get a satisfactory answer.

1. Punch price types

First of all, there are many kinds of punch presses, such as old-fashioned ones. The price of this type of punch press is very low, and the large tonnage will cost thousands of dollars. It has low safety, low precision, low work efficiency, few functions, and poor performance, but the structure Simple and low failure rate. Then there is a new domestic punch press with high safety, high precision, high work efficiency and good performance. Compared with the old-fashioned punching machine, the structure is a bit more complicated, and the failure rate is not high. The new imported punching machine has high safety, high precision, high work efficiency, and good performance, but the structure is complex and the failure rate is low. If a failure occurs, a general mechanic It is troublesome to deal with. The new type of punching machine has very high safety, the precision is equivalent to that of the imported brand, and the work efficiency is very high. It can punch more than one thousand times per minute, and has good performance and can be interrupted.

2. How much is the punch price

In other words, the price is only a few thousand yuan for the old-fashioned punches, less than 5,000 for a dozen tons, and 30,000 to 50,000 for those with more than 40 tons to more than 100 tons. The price is very cheap, almost all cast iron. , So it’s heavy and bulky. The domestic new type is much more expensive. Different manufacturers have different prices. This type of punch is small in size, heavy and light, and does not take up space. If you use small domestic parts, cast iron bed, three tons is only a little more than 30,000. If it is an imported punch, the price is three times that of a new domestic punch. This type of punch is used less and less, because the quality of domestic brands is getting better and better, but the price is very affordable.

In recent years, more and more punching press manufacturers have chosen brands, and their products are in short supply. If you need, you can consult our business manager for the specific price, because you have to consider the needs of your product to choose a punch that suits your product, as well as punch peripheral equipment or non-standard customized products.

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