Research on the sales of auto parts in a certain city


Imported parts are not only affected by tariffs and exchange rates when the order is placed, but the local environment of the exporting country also affects the import of domestic parts. Parts imported from Europe and other places have been affected by local floods in the past few months and delayed their shipments.

Orders placed a few months ago have been delivered in a concentrated manner to the month of the month. Imported accessories that have been sold for a few months have seen a significant increase in the month. One of the member units showed a month-on-month sales growth rate of as high as the month-on-month increase. Yihe heavy-duty truck accessories are selling well. The sales of heavy-duty vehicle parts, including imported heavy-duty vehicle parts, have been on the rise for several months, and coin-type vehicle parts have also maintained a good growth momentum throughout the second quarter. In January of this year, the production and sales volume of heavy-duty trucks was one each, increasing year-on-year and the hour respectively. Among the trucks, it was the largest increase in the number of people, and the consumables increased little in summer.

Looking at the sales of consumables this summer, after a significant increase in the month compared to the previous month, I expected that the sales would be more prosperous in the midsummer, but the sentiment was not as good as the peak period. The summer months were flat, but there was a big breakthrough at the end of the month, and the sales of mulberry car parts improved slightly. In the months after the lack of improvement for Sanche accessories for several months, the sales figures of Sangche have not improved slightly, but the increase is small.

The company maintains close contact with more than 300 Japanese companies that provide accessories for Toyotaku and Nissan. With the strong support of Japan, the company fully guarantees the smooth flow of purchase channels, high-quality quality and reasonable prices. For a long time, the company has been focusing on customer needs, improving service quality, ensuring customer benefits, eager for customers, and solving problems for customers. It has won the praise of a large number of new and old customers, and the company owner blows to the holy camp Toyota Crown. The Duke of Nissan, the main car’s main easy-to-buckle Chauhuozhai, plug ring, incubator bearing, ball head, whole car lights, carbureted shovel, pull wire, evaporative brake, drying bottle, etc., and Santana series accessories company special distribution “Olympic” brand passenger car tires imported from Shanghai by Australia South Pacific Tire Co., Ltd. to Japan.

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