Silicone And Casting

   Advantages for silicone tube:
(1). No taste, no toxicity, no contamination (environmental friendly)
(2). Resistant to high temperature, aging, radiation, cold, heat,Acid, Chemical
(3). Stand wear and tear, anti-sepsis, Soft, arc resistance, corona resistance
(4). Great pump accuracy and repeatability, nice Permeability
(5). Extended flexible life and reduced maintenance
(1) Temperature range: -60°C to +200°C, short periods up to +300°C
(2) Shore Durometer: From 30A to 90 A
(3) Size: Φ2mm-50mm (I.D.) x Φ5mm-60mm (0.D.).
 The whole length could be infinite or customized. For example, 1,10,50,100,300meters
 More other sizes are available as per our clients’ request.
(4) Color: translucent/ white
Other colors red, Black, blue, gray, green, clear etc are also available.
(5) Packing: 100meters/roll or others by polybags and cartons
(6) Material: 100% Silicone + Platinum/other curing agent
(7) Test for the U.S. FDA, Germany LFGB or ROHS/REACH etc by SGS, ITS.
(8)Food Grade
Applications for silicone tube:
(1) Transferring and pumping yoghurts and sauces with fruit or other solids
(2) accessories for Small appliances (coffee pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, frying pan, disinfection cabinet water dispenser, jam machine, toaster, gas appliance, water heaters) and electronic automotive, medical and other mechanical products.
(3) use for Pharmaceutical , Biotechnology , Food and Beverage ,Aerospace ,Cosmetic ,General laboratory etc

Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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