Silicone And Casting

    silicone industry prospects analysis is in the historical continuing development of the silicone industry present situation, the present situation of demand and supply, competition, economic operation, the downstream industry development, market demand depending on the analysis of the downstream industry, around the silicone industry for the future development trends, market capacity, competition, and subdivide the downstream market demand is analyzed, with this device rapid increase of the silicone industry initiated a policy of by the top rated special silica gel in the bulk synthesis of silica gel, become one of the largest varieties of silica gel dosage.

   Market prospect at home and abroad can also be very big, the silicone is especially employed in military industry in the beginning, after world war ii, as the silica gel has warm(60℃ to 230℃)  special heat-resistant material can reach (60℃ — 300℃),wear-resistant, resistant against ozone, acid and alkali resistance, kink, uv resistance, good flexibility, environmental protection, harmless non-toxic tasteless, like performance, application range is gradually expanding Silica gel may be popular in small household electrical appliances (coffee pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, pan, disinfection cabinet, water dispensers, jam machine, oven, gas appliance, water heater) and several electronic products as supporting, auto parts, medical, etc at home and abroad has grown to be so common, together with the quickening of the operation of specialization, the petroleum chemical industry, medicine, food, biological, chemical, environmental protection, paint, textile, papermaking, printing ink, plastics along with other industrial fields are popular, silica gel products quality and level can also be on a new step. Silicone products compared to the Plastic products, plastic products, whether it’s service life and environmental protection are far in front of heat-resistant, silica gel products gradually replace plastic products, plastic products for daily necessities of life is only a matter of time.

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