Silicone And Casting

The compressor, sensor and circuit board are special electronic parts in the ventilator, which cannot be soaked with disinfectant and washed with water,it avoid damage  their performance. So, what is the material of the ventilator loop tube?

Silicone And Casting

Ventilator is suitable for people who snorers, sleep apnea and sleep apnea. The main causes are usually seen in obese people, abnormal development of the nose, hypertrophy and thickening of the pharynx, uvula blocked the passage, tonsil hypertrophy, abnormal thyroid function, megaloglossus, congenital small jaw deformity, etc., that is, the structure of the upper respiratory airway has abnormal changes, it caused by apnea. 

Breathing machine loop pipe is made of special polymer materials , including mutual splicing elbow and tee joint, described the tee joint of the two remaining nozzle, respectively, in turn, connected to the screw tube, straight tube joint, its features are described on the outer circumference of the elbow with axial first increase muscle, and it is outside of straight pipe joint has a ring on the periphery of the stiffener. A third reinforcing bar is provided on the outer wall between the two orifices of the tee joint connected to the threaded pipe, and the thickness of the tee joint joint and the threaded pipe is increased.

The ventilator circuit tubing can prevent the cross-infection of the source of humoral transmission,it can protect the respiratory and anesthesia machine, the patient, the staff and the working environment, and it reduce the nosocomial infection, the work and cost of disinfection and cleaning to protect the machine from contamination.

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