Stainless steel Compression spring

Compression spring Manufacturer

Professional manfuacturer of all kinds of metal springs.The above sample of Compression spring are made for our customer.

What’s Compression spring?

The Compression spring are most widely used among all kinds of springs. They are used fpr a wide range of products, such as electronics, motor, computer, information, automobiles, bicycles, hardware tools, gifts, toys, hardware accessories and defense industry, battery connecting sheets and other spring. For the reason that its design principle are easy and manufacturing are simple.

Custom Compression spring

SampleName Stainless steel Compression spring
Wire diameter(thickness) Generally speaking, it can be 0.15mm to 80mm
Material Carbon steel(SWC), cold roller steel, stainless steel(SUS), beryllium copper, phosphor copper, brass, music wire or piano wire(SWP), 60Si2Mn, 55CrSi etc.
Surface Finish hardening, carburizing, high frequency,Degreasing,Polish,Anodize,Sand blasting,Powder coating,Vacuum Plating,Nickel, Zinc, Chorme,Tin, Silver plating etc.
Application electronic products, Children toys, Locks, Watches, Glasses, Baby carriage, Bicycle, Kitchen appliances, cameras, printers, office equipment, precision equipment and various kinds of vehicles
Kinds Compression,Extension,Torsion,flat and so on
Quality Control ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO14001:2004 system
Tolerance 0.1mm
Packing Inner-Plastic Bag; Outer -Standard Carton Box.

Our Advantage:
1.Competitive price.
2.Continuance service and support.
3.Diversified rich experienced skilled workers.
4.Custom R&D program coordination.
5.Application expertise.
6.Quality,reliability and long product life.
7.Mature,perfect and excellence,but simple design.

Quality Control:
1) Technicians self-check in production
2) Engineer spot check in production
3) QC inspects after mass production finished
4) International sales who were trained the technical know-how spot check before shipping

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