Teach you how to open the WINDOWS system registry (use with caution)

Sometimes there may be some problems with the computer system, or some error messages of the UG software installation remain in the system registry. At this time, if you have a certain basic computer knowledge, you can try to modify or delete the NX software-related items in the registry. value. Some people may not know how to open the system’s registry. Let me share with you. In the future, you will need to modify the registry-related issues about UG software. I will jump to this article for common sense of the registry, so as not to post some technical posts. There are some knowledge that many people know.

Open the system registry method:

  • 1. Press the shortcut key on the keyboard: [Menu key + R] to open [Run]. .
  • 2. In the [Run] dialog box, enter: regedit, so that you can open the system registry.

In addition to shortcut keys to open the registry, there are other ways to open it.

WIN7 system: the lower left corner of the desktop-start-run.

WIN10 system: the lower left corner of the desktop—start—Windows system—run.

You can also click on the [magnifying glass] icon at the bottom left corner of the desktop—on the side of the “Start” menu, and then enter: Run at the bottom of the pop-up dialog box, which can also be opened.

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