The collision between mold industry and mold ERP management software

When the manufacturing industry encounters the digital economy, it is inevitable to accelerate the transformation of traditional industries. The mold ERP software management project can meet the company’s management requirements for product production.

Through the construction of the mold ERP system, the goals of refined order management and control, purchase, sales and inventory management, material procurement, workshop work orders, engineering BOM, and financial cost accounting can be achieved.

After the mold ERP system went online for a period of time, the most obvious thing for the company was to improve product quality and achieve meticulous work. Now the factory is clean and orderly, the materials are neat and tidy at a glance, the rewards and penalties for workers are clearly defined, and the system is sound. A mold product can be clearly reflected in the system from design to processing flow to final quality inspection.

From pulling materials, registering and leaving the warehouse by the warehouse manager, to the subsequent processing process, after each process is completed, the production department has its own dedicated scanning gun, and then enters the next process after scanning the code. The system records the whole process, and the progress of each batch of products can be clearly seen from the system, and production early warning is given according to the set delivery date.

The mold ERP system helps companies not only do intelligent manufacturing, but also realize intelligent and fully automatic informationized manufacturing, thereby laying a good foundation for the development of the company and internal management decision-making analysis.

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