The difference between CNC machining center, high speed milling and engraving machine functions

CNC engraving machine, machining center, high speed milling, how to distinguish?
A. Machining Center
The machining center is often called the computer raft in Hong Kong and Taiwan and Guangdong. The spindle speed is about 0~10000RPM, which is used to complete the processing equipment of the workpiece with large milling amount. The structure of the machine tool in the machining center determines the lack of flexibility and does nothing for small parts and rapid feed.

The machining center is widely used in the mold industry for mold processing, aluminum product processing, bicycle parts aluminum products processing, aluminum products precision addition work and other fields.

B. High speed milling
Relative to the machining center, the moving speed and feed speed of the high-speed milling machine are faster than the machining center, and the spindle speed is about 30,000 RPM. The processing and response speed of the CNC system is significantly better than that of the machining center. Therefore, the small-diameter milling cutter can be used, and the rotation speed is high. The cutting process with small cycle feed rate greatly improves production efficiency and machining accuracy. At the same time, due to low milling force, the workpiece has less thermal deformation, less milling depth, and faster feed. Therefore, the surface roughness of the machining is small.

High-speed milling is suitable for the processing of most precision molds and the processing of high-precision copper and graphite electrodes. In the mold processing, high-speed milling can process 60HRC hardened steel parts. Therefore, high-speed milling allows cutting processing after heat treatment, reducing the amount of EDM work.

C. CNC engraving machine
The CNC engraving machine has a part of the high-speed milling machine. The spindle speed can reach about 30,000 RPM, but the spindle power is much smaller than the machining center. The high spindle speed is suitable for the machining of small tools, the torque is relatively small, focusing on the "engraving" function, not suitable for strong cutting. For soft metal, high-speed machining is possible, and fine machining is possible, and the machining accuracy is high. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for heavy cutting due to poor steel properties. Because of the focus on small pieces, the size of the machine tool is much smaller than the machining center and high-speed milling.

CNC engraving and milling machine is widely used in the processing of copper electrodes in the mold industry, batch processing of aluminum products, and processing of wooden models.
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