The Use Of Carbon Fiber In Robotic Arms

At present, many automation companies are considering a mechanical alternative to steel materials – carbon fiber composite.In order to improve the motion speed and control accuracy of the robot arm, we should not only ensure that the robot arm has enough strength and stiffness, but also reduce its dead weight in structure and material as much as possible.
Carbon fiber composite material has high tensile strength, good shock resistance and small specific gravity (1.5g/cm-2g/cm). A series of advantages enable carbon fiber mechanical arm to operate freely in parts assembly, workpiece handling, loading and unloading, etc. It is more commonly used in automatic CNC lathes and modular machine tools.The arm reduces the dead weight of the mechanical arm, reduces the power of the motor, saves energy consumption, and is highly adaptable to the environment.The advantages of the carbon fiber mechanical arm made of carbon fiber composite materials are as follows:
1. Light specific gravity and high strength.Can improve the rigidity of the product, reduce the overall weight, more energy saving, more efficient;
2. Wear resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion, stable physical performance, excellent fatigue resistance, more durable;
3. Unique layering and anti-shaking structure design;
4, the advanced molding method, cnc machining center processing, to ensure the dimensional accuracy;
5, outstanding corrosion resistance, longer service life.The carbon fiber mechanical arm adopts the technology of molding and pressing in one. The ultra-high pressure expansion process makes the structure stronger and ensures the safety of the carbon fiber mechanical arm, realizes the rapid automation of the production process, improves the labor productivity, guarantees the stability of the product and improves the quality of the product.

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