What are the characteristics of sheet metal processing and bending chassis?

As a part of computer accessories, the main function of the case is to place and fix the computer accessories, play a supporting and protective role. In addition, the computer case has an important role of shielding electromagnetic radiation, because the case is not like a CPU or graphics card. , Motherboard and other accessories can quickly improve the performance of the whole machine, so it has not been listed as a key consideration in DIY. However, the chassis is not useless. After some users buy a brand-name chassis, the motherboard and the chassis form a loop, which causes a short circuit, which makes the system very unstable. So what are the characteristics of the sheet metal processing and bending chassis?

1. The appearance and materials of the chassis

Appearance and materials are the basic characteristics of a chassis. The appearance directly determines whether a chassis can be accepted by users. Therefore, the appearance is gradually diversified, so it also occupies a certain ratio in our test. The material used mainly depends on the material used in the case, whether the corners of the case are crimped, the quality of the material also directly affects the performance of anti-electromagnetic radiation.

2. Scalability

The future development of computers is always difficult to figure out. The more complete the preparation, the better it can meet future needs. We mainly investigate how many 5.25-inch optical drive locations and 3.5-inch floppy drives and hard disk locations are provided and their designs.

3. Features

It depends on whether the case provides front USB and audio input and output interfaces, and like the internal design such as hard disk, optical drive using guide rail installation, or the tool-free installation of the board, we will experience it firsthand to feel its ease of use sex.

4. Dust resistance

For most users, dust resistance may be considered less, but if you plan to keep the case clean for a long time, then you have to look at the dust resistance of the case. We mainly examine the dust-proof performance of the cooling holes and the dust-proof ability of the PCI baffle of the expansion slot.

5. Heat dissipation

For computers that generate more and more heat, we can no longer ignore the heat dissipation performance of the chassis. Installing more fans seems to have become the mainstream of DIY. We mainly consider how many cooling fans or heat dissipation it provides. The number of reserved fan positions and cooling holes.

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